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Wedding, Bachelor & Bachelorette

Indulge in the ultimate celebration for the most important day of your life with a yacht charter experience that surpasses all expectations! Elevate the pre-wedding festivities for your bridal party or best men by embarking on a luxurious yacht charter, creating unforgettable memories before the big day. Planning a surprise for the bride or groom? Rest assured, we excel at keeping secrets and can seamlessly weave an element of surprise into the voyage. Allow us to craft a nautical experience that not only commemorates your impending union but also sets the stage for a lifetime of cherished moments on the open seas. The epitome of sophistication and excitement awaits you as you sail into this new chapter of your life.

Family Fun

At C&G Luxury Yacht Rental, we recognize the significance of your dedication to providing the best for your family. Your hard work deserves an unparalleled experience, and that’s precisely what we aim to deliver. Devoted to creating moments of exceptional quality family time, we meticulously attend to every detail when it comes to your family yacht rental. Our commitment extends beyond just luxury; it’s about crafting unforgettable memories on the open seas. Trust us to enhance your family’s moments of joy, relaxation, and adventure aboard our meticulously curated fleet of luxury yachts. Elevate your family’s maritime experience with C&G – where excellence meets indulgence.

Corporate Events

Elevate corporate gatherings with C&G Luxury Yacht Rental! Whether fostering team cohesion, hosting clients, commemorating victories, or rewarding staff, we’ve got you covered. Expect unparalleled excellence on the water, blending opulence and functionality seamlessly. From team-building to celebrations, our yacht rentals provide the perfect setting. Choose us for a distinctive and sophisticated corporate event that leaves a lasting impression. Trust us to redefine your company’s maritime experiences with style and unparalleled service.

Romantic Escapes

Embark on enchanting moments with C&G Luxury Yacht Rental! Elevate proposals, anniversaries, date nights, or weddings with bespoke yacht rentals. Let us craft a personalized journey for an unforgettable experience on the open seas. Immerse in luxury, where every detail resonates with romance. With C&G Luxury Yacht Rental, your love story on the water will be a symphony of elegance, creating memories for a lifetime. Let us be the architects of your high-seas love story.

Birthday Events

Experience an extraordinary birthday celebration with us! Let our hospitable staff cater to your every whim aboard our opulent yachts, featuring jacuzzis, bars, sun beds, jet skis, and more. C&G Luxury Yacht Rental ensures an incomparable celebration, crafting every detail to perfection against the backdrop of the open seas. Make your birthday a cherished memory with us, surpassing all expectations!


Celebrate your anniversary in unparalleled style aboard our luxury yachts. C&G Luxury Yacht Rental offers romantic dinner cruises with an intimate touch, ensuring an unforgettable experience against the breathtaking views of Miami. Let us host your anniversary, turning it into a remarkable occasion etched in your hearts forever. Elevate your love story against the open seas backdrop, where every detail is meticulously crafted for a magical celebration. Trust us to exceed all expectations!